Who am I?


My name is Mary Timofeeva, I am  wedding and family photographer for 10 years. I like to shoot real feelings and emotions. I love to make you happy and create your best memories.

About "Best Souvenir" ?

One day my client from Israel, arriving home, posted photos from our photo shoot in her FB and wrote that they brought with them the “best souvenir” from our sunny Odessa. Even then, I had the idea of ​​this project, why not make the best, original, and only your souvenir, your best memories of walking around our city. We will walk around the most memorable and atmospheric places of the city and create your emotional photos.

What are we going to do at the photoshoot?

The photoshoot includes a walk through the sea and a walk through the city center. Or only a walk through the sea or only in the center, you can choose. A walk around the city includes photo shoots near several main sights of our city, we will not take standard photos near each monument, I think your phone will do this. We will make a cool emotional series of shots that best convey your feelings and your mood, so that you would really take the best souvenir with you.

What places of the city will we visit?

We will see the Opera and Ballet Theater, Sabaneyev Bridge, Ekaterinenskaya Square, Primorsky Boulevard. Detailed information about the route I send you on request with a map.

How to book photoshoot?

If you are planning a photoshoot in Odessa, contact me.

We will discuss the details of your photo shoot, I will tell you more about the shooting, find out your preferences, we will reserve the time and date.

When and how we get photo?

The first 5-10 photos I send on the day of shooting or the next day. The rest of the photos you get in 7-14 days after shooting through the cloud.


Photo shoots are held in Russian and English. But there are no problems if you do not know these languages. I'm sure we can understand each other.


Souvenir One

1 hour of photoshoot

all edited photos

digital download

                                   (perfect for walking around the city)


Souvenir Two

2 hour of photoshoot

all edited photos

digital download


(you can combine a walk to the sea and around the city)


Still have questions?

Or maybe you want to book a shooting date?

Please write me and I will tell you more details.